Sunday, September 4, 2011

Thank you, Chelsea

Chelsea, a 24 year old melanoma survivor, has inspired me to start blogging my experience with melanoma.  I'm hoping this blog will help to educate those who think that melanoma is "just skin cancer" and serve as a way to get out what I'm feeling when I have a lot on my mind.  It's definitely scary going through two battles of cancer when you are 28 years old.  Who knows, maybe one day my own children will read my blogs and make safe decisions about sun exposure and tanning devices.  Overall, it's a success if it serves as therapy for me, and more importantly as a way to educate about melanoma awareness. 

Hopefully, I will live a very long and healthy life.  I am in the process of taking on one of the greatest, most rewarding tasks of my life--Miles Against Melanoma 5k PA.  I'm taking my experience with melanoma and turning it into something positive by fundraising for melanoma research and spreading melanoma awareness.  If I'm alive and well, then I can do anything, even organize a 5k race. :-)

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